Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation Class  October 2018
Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of  October 2018




□ Attend 15 Confirmation ‘Classes’, this includes mentoring, small group, movie, Confirmation Destination and service nights; each year of Confirmation (30 total). +

□ Attend 15 Worship services, this includes monthly Wednesday worship, Sunday worship and Summer Wednesday evening worship services; each year of Confirmation (30 total)

□ Acolyte or read Scripture at 3 Sunday Worship Services. (6 times total) ++

Participate in 2 of following electives over 2 years of Confirmation.  Select the combination of any two, may also do any one twice. (These are different then service projects done with small group)

∞ Attend Summer Bible Camp (Including Christian Summer Sports Camp) +++

∞ Attend Youthquake or Castaway

∞ Assist with Sunday School (10 times)

∞ Help at ‘Week’ of Community VBS or Trinity VBS

∞ Participate in Bible study led by Pastor or other approved

∞ Assist at chapel service-Parkside, Prospect Manor, CHI, Beverly Anne or Vet’s Home  (3 services)

∞ Help at 2 shifts of Lutefisk or Buffalo Supper

∞ Help at 4 Lent Suppers or Funeral ‘Dinners’

∞ Usher for 5 Sunday Worship Services

∞ Help with Fall Food drive and volunteer at Food Pantry for 2 hours


+ These must be completed during that specific year (September- August)

++ Can also use towards 15 worship service requirements

+++ This includes attending Bible Camp as a 5th or 6th grader.